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Silverlight MVVM with more features.


If you have struggled with MVVM in Silverlight line of business applications and you want a good framework for building an application, MPC is for you. MPC is a Model, ViewModel, Presenter and Controller pattern enhanced with XAML defined States, Actions, and Async WCF.
  1. MPC removes the need for code-behind workarounds for common XAML integration problems.
  2. It centralizes commanding code into reusable state actions, removing complex code from the view model leaving view models as pure data models. State actions also easily integrate with visual state manager to allow visual state orchestration with asynchronous commands.
  3. View model life cycle and location services are XAML declared and simple to use. MPC uses a single simple syntax for data and commanding bindings.

Anyone interested in using this framework may feel free to email any questions to me Vincent Miceli

Reason for project and documentation



1. Visual Studio 2010

2. Silverlight 4 Tools

3. Expression Blend 4 SDK (or Expression Blend 4 complete)

Required for Windows Phone development

1. For Windows Phone: Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW

Required for examples

1. Silverlight Toolkit April 2010

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